Sanitas Spa

Ayurveda = the wisdom of life science

Ancient knowledge from India, mysterious treatments that will take you to another world. Let yourself be enchanted!


Abhyanga massage
Classical Ayurvedic full-body massage with precious sesame oil  
60 minutes EUR 75.00
Abhyanga massage
+ Kallkizhi hot stone massage after Abhyanga massage  
90 minutes EUR 119.00
Abhyanga massage
+ Shirodhara head massage followed by the pouring of oil on the forehead  
90 minutes EUR 200.00
Abhyanga massage
+ Elakzihi warm herbal compress massage after Abhyanga massage  
90 minutes EUR 125.00
Full body massage with hot stones  
60 minutes EUR 70.00
Head massage followed by the pouring of oil on the forehead  
60 minutes EUR 140.00
Spa treatment (three treatments or more) EUR 120.00
Full body massage with warm herbal compresses  
60 minutes EUR 75.00
Head, shoulder and arm massage  
30 minutes EUR 40.00
Chakra Massage
Energetic full body massage without oil  
60 minutes EUR 75.00
Full body massage without oil  
50 minutes EUR 69.00
Massage with dry powder that is rubbed into the skin (assists weight loss)  
60 minutes EUR 89.00
Marma massage
'Queen of Ayurveda massage' - harmonising full body massage with oil  
60 minutes EUR 75.00
Padabhyanga 'Raju'
Massage lying on the floor - this massage is performed on the feet  
60 minutes EUR 99.00
Child massage
The time required also depends on the size of the child.  
20-30 minutes EUR 35.00
Relaxing Indian foot and leg massage. Relieves insomnia and tension and leads you into a state of wonderful relaxation!  
60 minutes EUR 63.00