Babor Skinovage

Sanitas Spa

Experience Babor Skinovage. You and your aesthetician together determine the appropriate wellness treatment for your skin.
Everyone is different - and so is everyone's skin. Experience a personalised care system that is customised for your skin and fulfils your personal needs and desires. Made-to-measure treatment for your skin type.

45 minutes (no eyebrows) EUR 50.00
75 minutes, including vitality check EUR 70.00


Day make-up EUR 30.00
Evening make-up EUR 39.00
Bridal make-up, including trial make-up EUR 75.00

Extras for facials

Eyelash tinting EUR 12.00
Eyebrow dyeing EUR 8.00
Eyebrow plucking EUR 8.00
Eyebrow plucking and dyeing EUR 15.00

Sensational eyes treatment
Intensive additional treatment of the delicate eye area. Includes an eye massage to prevent signs of fatigue and an instantly smoothing and refreshing moisturising gel mask.

15 minutes EUR 20.00*

Ampoules Crash Treatment

The fast fitness and skin enhancer for your skin moisture, care and the alleviation of unpleasant feelings of tension in the shortest possible time.
10-15 minutes
*Can only be booked with facial treatments.
20,00 €*


Oberlippe & Kinn 8,00 €
Gesicht 16,00 €
Achseln 16,00 €
Beine komplett 40,00 €
Beine bis Knie 29,00 €
Bikinizone 16,00 €
Rücken 25,00 €
Brust und Rücken 45,00 €
Arme 16,00 €