The Sanitas Spa philosophy

Sanitas Spa

Leave everyday cares at the door! You're a guest at Sanitas Spa! Minutes, hours, days! Forget what time it is, here and now only you are important. Rest, recuperation, relaxation or simply harmony? Sanitas Spa offers you the opportunity to relax, let go and rediscover your senses. Leave your watch at the door, stop time for a moment, a moment that belongs to you, and you alone! Open up your senses and enjoy our wonderful facilities, applications and treatments. Treat yourself and your body to something special! You deserve it!

Water - lightness for the body. Let yourself be carried away and enjoy moments of relaxation. Experience the water - experience Sanitas Spa. Float on water to soft music. Feel the refreshing sensation of multi-sensory showers and relax on waterbeds with sound cushions in the meditation room.


Sanitas Spa

Enjoy warmth and refreshment

Let yourself be carried away and relax in the warm scent of saunas and experience the contrast of the world of ice. Sweat at 95°C in the Finnish sauna with its automatic infusions. Enter the world of ice to experience the contrast between warm benches, icy walls and cold air. Experience the heat of the earth at 95°C in the tunnel sauna. Cool down under the open sky, shielded from sight.

Steam baths

Sanitas Spa

Enjoy the aromas. The lightness of the air, aromas captured in countless water drops - breathe the Sanitas Spa. In the aroma bath, light vapours flow from the middle of the room to fill it with a pleasant aroma. In the herbal steam bath, the scent of the finest herbs is gradually atomised around the room. Enjoy the heavenly cocktail of herbs and water vapour.

Turkish bath

Sanitas Spa

Relax in our hammam Turkish steam room, where a soapy cotton bag is swung around the room to fill it with air and then closed so that foam from the fabric can cover the body in soap.